The Shard of Io

Gates Day

Year Five – Gate’s Day

  • Celebration of Gate’s Day – the day the gates were opened. Big party at the open gates.
  • Brolan Galebeard, is enjoying the evening. His girlfriend, Janatis Mineshadow is helping with the festivities. She is the niece of one of the Councillors (Shaster Battlefate). Brolan wants to get her something unique (she’s fairly well-off) before he proposes to her. One day, when he gets on the hunting party, he’ll find something that will help seal the deal.
  • Many parents celebrating with the newborns.
  • The Hunting Parties are all in attendance: Renegades (Ultimax), Brewbashers (Reyjold Barleybrew), Raiders (Granis Swiftaxe), The Scions of Wyrmstone (Brashun Rubystone), Blood Legion (Seaven Soulaxe).
  • Ultimax and Brashun are chatting.
  • Tannok, a member of the Brewbashers, is wrestling with the others. It’s not a party until a Brewbasher goes through a table.
  • Brolan wants to get his brother (Xandak Galebeard, Artificer) out of the laboratory and get him to the party. The group leaves the party to retrieve him.
  • As they near the place dubbed “The Workshop”, they notice a goblin hiding in the shadows. As soon as he is seen, the Warbound Goblin spy makes a break for the exit.
  • The group chasese him through Wyrmstone, past the party, and through the gates. He ducks out off the wagon trail, but the group tracks him down hiding in the rocks below.
  • They fight off six goblins in total, including the spy, and kill them all. All bodies are returned to the gates.



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