The Shard of Io

Goblin Invasion

The group dragged their goblin prisoner back to Wyrmstone. They are met by two guardsmen – Fozbin and Holza (former Hunters) who looked at the goblin with a great deal of hostility and suggested they take it to Ultimax for questioning. Brolan Galebeard believed that they should take him to Master Northal for questioning. The guards are not fans of that idea, but they let the group pass.

After navigating through the city, forced at one point to throw a cloak over the goblin’s head due to the many angry and shocked looks from citizens returning home from the Gate party, they arrive at Master Northal’s home.

The Master probed the goblin’s mind and revealed that the Chief of the Goblin clan, Chief Oggrul, met with the Warbound to keep his people safe. The Warbound wanted the goblins to blow up the dwarves to prove to them that they were worthy of becoming Warbound. There was only one path from the outside to Wyrmstone, and it belonged to Chief Oggrul.

There was also a child in the clan who was half-goblin, half-dwarf. His name was Soren and he was hated by the goblins. Chief Oggrul protected the young boy because he was a member of the clan, regardless of his heritage. But the goblins would kill it if they had the chance.

Brugan & Brolan opted to deliver the news to the council, while Duerias and Vangar adjourned to the Powder Keg Inn to find the beer-goggled, clinically blind dwarf who stuck his dingle into a goblin.

The Council took a couple of days to come to a conclusion. Brugan was sent on a matter for the council. Brolan and the others were summoned before the council. Their decision: seal up every entrance to the cave from the outside, and get the goblins out by any means necessary.

Xandrak Galebeard had been instructed to use materials from the goblin’s mystic bombs to make FIVE bombs, which should have be enough to seal off the cave. The bombs were egg shaped and football sized with a one minute timer.

Instructor Lazard Stoneflint chatted it up with the group, his wandering eye darting around with excitement. He had many interesting items (like a bottle w. a hostile slime). He had some equipment for the group to test out: a twin-bladed waraxe (waraxe +1) and a magically reinforced Hide Armor (Hide Armor +1). Brolan was summoned away by a guard, but while he was gone Stoneflint asked if they group could take something else on their mission. A large humanoid construct was summoned before them – Khemval. They agree. Brolan had to meet with the council and he said he’d meet up with the group shortly.

Fozbin waited by the opening with some other guards and let them back through. They travelled through the opening into the cave. The bodies, goblin and spider alike, were all gone. The second corridor led to the giant web ladder, about 40 feet down. In order to be quiet, Duerias gave the end of his rope to Khemval and told him that he’d tug the rope when he got down. That was the mech’s cue to come down. Khem took that to mean jump, and he almost crushed the group.

They entered a large cave where the goblins had set up small stone houses. Chief Oggrul came out, riding on the back of a giant bloodworm. They fought, and killed, the Chief. Goblins now came out of their homes, all women and children except for one male who ran into the Chief’s house and pulled out a small boy – big ears, grey skin, ugly bald dwarf. He held a dagger to the boy’s throat.

The goblin was killed.

Fozbin rushed into the room with a great crossbow. Soren was his son, conceived back in the day when Fozbin admitted he would have banged anything with a hole in it. But the boy was still his son, so he would leave with the goblins to protect his son. He shook hands with the group, took one of the bombs, and led the goblins away.

Duerias cut off the Chief’s head. The group picked up a few cut gems, a finely crafted statuette, some coins, and two scroll cases.


xp: 440

Goblin Invasion

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