The Shard of Io

The Thunder Rolls

After a quick survey of the Orc bodies, Barstomun suggested for the group to keep moving. There was still enough of the Warbound party left alive to kill them, or whatever it is they plan to do to them.

- Some of the bodies were wearing trophies of their various kills (dwarves, human, dragonborn). Warbound generally wouldn’t be carrying much on them. No point in aiding their foes if they fall in battle. Made a creepy sense.

- The Warbound fell back, but were still very much on their trail.

- For two days the group pushed on. Sun, shrouded behind a red blanket. Open, caked earth crossing hilly terrain. Fissures of broken dirt. During the days, they moved fast. At night, they dug in. Things went bump in the night, but Bar advised against confronting them. No sense in announcing their location to the Warbound. The first attack they sent in their cannon fodder. The next round of battle would be heavy hitters.

- In the morning, the sky was cloudy. The rain that began to fall was slightly acidic. It burned, irritates the skin, very uncomfortable.

- Then the thunder started to roll. At first, it sounded like the wind was picking up. Listening carefully. the wind sound was actually the sound of screaming in pain and fear.

- A small Tortured Soulstorm touched down. It looked like a dark tornado with a green glow inside it. Faces were visible. It was more of a column-like tornado that didn’t spin. Bar panicked at the sight of it. He ordered the group to hide.

- When it appeared that the storm had seen them, Bar told the group to start running due east after he led it away. He gives his medallion a kiss before he distracted the Soulstorm and led it toward the Warbound party.

- The group did as instructed and fled east.

- After about six hours of running, a stretch of overgrown road slowly emerged from the grass. It led up the hill to the Keep.

- Outer walls had crumbled, but the inner walls appeared to have been rebuilt. An examination revealed that the ruined walls were built to look like Human architecture.

- Humans greeted them, opening the inner doors. Kavina welcomed them to Hope Keep.

- She and thirty or so others fled the city, to escape Sorcerer Queen Velesca. Jephetus, the father of her child, was killed during the escape.

- People looked happy to see them but frazzled and exhausted. They fried up some meat, broke out meade, and welcomed the new arrivals properly.

- Next morning, Kavina leads them to the dungeon basement. She said that below was the doorway that they have the key for. Only the bravest can reach the door.

- Secret door in one of the crumbled towers opened up to a descending flight of stairs. The stairs branched off – to the right was a room with supplies, to the left was a circular room that may have been used for worship of some kind.

- There was also a statue in the center of the room, standing just behind the shrine, with eyes that seemed to follow the group. As they approached it, spikes sprang out from the statue’s body and burst into flames. It didn’t attack, just looked menacing.

- Semicircular section of the floor covered in runes very similar to those on the scroll. The doorway opened like an interlocking pinwheel.

- Down the hole (30’) into a hallway. Hallway ended in a room with pillars. Dragon’s head at the far wall (about 15’ up), with its mouth open. So, so many teeth. Head seemed ever so slightly to be animated.

- Mirror images of the party stepped out of the shadows and attack. Once they were defeated, Dragon’s mouth opened wide and the tongue stuck out. Must crawl up tongue and climb through dragon’s mouth.



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