The Dwarven Citadel of Wyrmstone

Governing Body: Five Councillors.

Council Members:

  • Paven Warstout
  • Zangold Battlebeard
  • Coratra Samulkin (only female on the Council)
  • Belian Destinaxe
  • Shaster Battlefate


  • Wyrmstone used to be called Wyrmstone of the Five Clans, because it was founded by five clans. They dropped that part because there’s now more than five clans living there, but the governing Council has five seats to represent the original five clans (Galebeard, Frosthammer, Stonebreaker, Bouldertoe, and Wildhammer).
  • The Sundering, the day the necrotic and arcane power came down and wiped out the World.
  • Prior to the Sundering, the Council took care of day to day duties but were subservient to King Madoran Anvilmar.
  • King Anvilmar was the first known Dwarven Artificer. He was cold and logical, but always did what was best for his people. He taught only those few with the aptitude, because his love of creation was almost as strong as his love to rule his people.
  • Magis Sparkmantle, a sorceror and aide to Anvilmar, told him that there was a great destructive force coming and that they had to close the gates.
  • Maxan Stoneflint was a member of one of the hunting parties that were out on the day the Sundering occurred. He woke in the middle of the night, having a dream that his pregnant wife had given birth to a son. The hunting party told him to grab some supplies and run ahead, and not to ignore such an obvious sign. Max had already arrived home when Magis had his vision.
  • King Anvilmar went to the front gates to close them. They were his creation, and he was in full control of their operation. People gathered near the gate, having heard of the vision and the impending doom. Family members begged King Anvilmar to wait a little long, to give the parties time to get home. One was known to be weeks away and would be lost, but the second was not far away.
  • Anvilmar began closing the gates. The hunting party had just made their way up the mountain and ran towards the gates just as the Sundering struck. King Anvilmar could see their faces just as the gates closed in front of them. It was his decision, he fully owned the guilt.
  • Once the gates were closed, Anvilmar uttered two words: One Year. The front gates were time locked for one year.
  • The first few months were tense. Supplies had been running low. They were supplimented with summoned food, which was filling but not the best thing for you. You could survive on it, but not live on it. Then the real food ran out.
  • The Knights of the Grey Wolf , a handful of psionic swordmages, acted as the guardians of Wyrmstone and assisted the King as best they could. He would not aid them back, but they were bound to him and, more importantly, the people.
  • Anvilmar had four Warforged assistants. He wanted more metal, more smelting, more mining. There were also caverns with creatures in it. He sent hunting parties and Warforged to explore.
  • Parties went deeper than ever before, and they found creatures and fungus that they could live off of. They could live off of it. Mushrooms were brewed into a liquor that would knock you on your ass.
  • Then the Drow attacks started. The dwarves had dug down into the Underdark.
  • Anvilmar closed the back doors and locked them as well. A few hundred dwarves couldn’t fight an empire of drow.
  • Occasionally a drow would get through, and the Warforged would brutally kill it and send it back through the gate – don’t fuck with us and we won’t fuck with you.
  • Drow clued in and stopped bothering with the attacks.
  • Dwarves back at square one – limited food supply, and both doors were locked.
  • Survived a few months until the doors would open once again.
  • Seers would give play by play during the first few months, and Anvilmar shut them down because they were undermining the moral of the people. They were to report to him with any visions, and if they were good news he’d pass them along.
  • To help his people, Anvilmar created more Warforged. By the end of the year, he’d created about fifty.
  • When the doors opened, the people were there to see what the World was like. There was no snow, and everything was brown and dead.
  • Anvilmar sent out a hunting party, and Maxan Stoneflint headed the party. He sent two Warforged with them. Party was gone for a week.
  • The Warforged returned with Maxan. They had run into an army of Warbound (Orcs, Trolls, Goblins). The Warbound army was heading up to Wyrmstone to kick ass.
  • Anvilmar sent out half his Warforged and closed the gates once again. The dwarves were weak and would not be able to fight off the Warbound army.
  • Once again, the King said “One Year” but people didn’t hear it until it was too late.

Year Two

  • Supplies started to dwindle, and due to the magic runes on the walls of Wyrmstone the magic wasn’t working as well as it should. Magic was actually “outlawed” to preserve the remaining arcane power still contained within the walls of Wyrmstone. Dwarves were weak, Warforged took over many of their jobs but could not mine, so metal supplies dwindled.
  • Anvilmar etched runes on the walls, “Protection” he said.
  • Anvilmar decided that he could make his people better by converting them to Warforged. Warforged didn’t need to eat or drink, needed very little sleep. The dwarves would become stronger.
  • A few volunteered for the procedure just to end the suffering. Eventually the King sent Warforged to homes to collect the weak and sick.
  • The Knights of the Grey Wolf (or Grey Knights) tried to oppose the King to protect the people, and they ended up hunted down as a result. Only two managed to escape into the deep mines.
  • Dwarves went to the Council for help. The King had kept them fed and healthy because he saw them as leaders, and leaders needed to be viewed as strong. They could not take food to their families though, so the Council members were forced to watch their own flesh and blood suffer.
  • Council wouldn’t do anything at first out of fear of being turned to Warforged themselves.
  • Eventually the Council found their balls and rose up against the King, with the help of the two remaining Grey Knights who returned from the deep mines.
  • King Anvilmar re-evaluated the situation and decided that it was easier for him to leave with his Warforged than to stay and forcefully convert the rest of the dwarves.
  • Anvilmar left Wyrmstone with his Warforged, and invited those who wanted a better life to follow him. He warned that Wyrmstone would fall because they would not be strong enough to defend themselves in this new world without him.
  • Magis left as well.

Year Three

  • The five council members, being the strongest, went out to find food. They left the remaining three Artificers to rule until they got back, which didn’t sit well with the rest of the dwarves.
  • Many dwarves left once the gates were open and sought out their King. They felt he was stronger, and as misguided as he was, only wanted what was best for his people.
  • The Council returned with much food.
  • A month later, there was no more food nearby. Hunting parties would have to be formed once again. Maxan was the first to volunteer.
  • Three weeks passed and the party did not return. Another party was sent out.
  • One month later, the party returned in a hurry. They bought wagons of meat, along with giant predators who wanted the meat.
  • A few predators sat outside and waited. The dwarves were stronger, exited their home, and killed the predators and brought them inside.
  • The cycle continued. Dwarves would leave bait outside their doors, giant predators would come to feed, and the dwarves would kill them. Soon the stragglers were gone, and the hunting parties would be sent out.
  • The Council became the offical governing body. No more kings.
  • Maxan “returned”. He was found about a mile from the gates barely alive.
  • His hunting party had been ambushed by a Warbound party. Half were killed, all were taken back to their encampment. They became food. Firs the dead dwarves were eaten, then the living would have strips cut off them. Orc Shaman would heal them, and the cycle would continue.
  • When the shaman tasted Maxan’s flesh, she felt there was something special about him. He was cut down and experimented with.
  • The shaman summoned necrotic energies that devoured his arms and legs. He passed out.
  • When Maxan recovered, the entire camp was destroyed. Everyone was dead, torn apart.
  • Maxan began the slow crawl home on stumps of arm. When the stumps were too bloody to pull him, he used his face. By the time he was found, his body resembled hairy hamburger.
  • Clerics could not heal him, possibly due to the shaman’s necrotic experiments.
  • Maxan’s brother Lazard Stoneflint was a junior artificer. To save his brother’s life, he opened the remaining book of King Anvilmar and turned his brother into a Warforged.
  • Maxan’s mind finally broke. He hated the Gods for torturing him and allowing him to be tortured, and he hated his brother for turning him into a monster. But since he still loved his people, he remained in Wyrmstone. However, Maxan was dead. He was now Ultimax, leader of the hunting party known as the Renegades.
  • As a result, many artificers left the practice.

Year Four

  • Lazard became head Artificer, but only taught a few apprentices. He was filled with regret about his brother, but not his decision to save him.
  • Renegades were the successful hunting party, but they often went above and beyond. They explored, attacked orcs and Warbound. Ultimax didn’t care if he died, but he’d go down fighting.
  • Rebuilding Wyrmstone, maps redone, learning about the new world.
  • No Warbound attacks on Wyrmstone. Maybe Warbound leader didn’t want to waste supply of food (hunting parties disappeared)
  • Old trade allies were rediscovered.
  • Population boom. Many babies born in year four.


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