Welcome to Kamaria!

The island continent of Kamaria, located in the ocean south west of Icewind Dale, off the tip of the Spine of the World.

Capital city
Sanctus Seru

Locations of Note
Wyrmstone, the dwarven citadel and home of the Five Clans.

Brief History
Five years ago, a hunting party of Wyrmstone dwarves were crossing the Great Plains with wagonloads of meat for the clans. They were suddenly struck with great pain and a number of them dropped to their knees. Their sense of their surroundings was overwhelming them, and they couldn’t understand why.

Above, the clouds started rolling away. For a moment, the sun seemed to shine brighter than it ever had before.

When the clouds scattered like leaves they realized it wasn’t the sun.

The people of Kamaria called the incident by many names: The Great Light, The Flash, but the most common term was the Sundering. The light, according to scholars, was an energy unlike anything the World had seen before. It was energy of godlike power, mixed with necrotic dimensional energies, and it punched a hole in Kamaria. God’s Hand slapped the continent down, hard.

Their world had been broken.

Five years later, life is much different. Kamaria is much different. The land is dead and dying, creatures are changed by the God’s Hand energies. Survival is more important than ever, and is considerably more difficult that it has ever been.

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